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One! Let's explore with Nosy and his friends!

Stop boring information about dinosaurs!

You can read more interesting story to eye level of children!

Let's study this book

that has the exciting story

of Nosy and his friends!

Two! You can talk to the dinosaurs!

You can meet alive 3D dinosaurs!

Let's talk to them with smart devices and they will answer.

Dinosaurs appear

when you point your device on the AR mark page!

Three!  Let's learn the characteristics of dinosaurs in their existed period.

Observe them in their existed period!

Study more effectively with Hi-Edu XR APP !

When you have an adventure with Nosy and

his friends, you get

a lot of information!

Four!  You can enter the Dinosaur World directly in VR!

Enter the Dinosaur World in VR by using smart devices.

Yon can listen to them and see the actual size dinosaurs and their movement!

Isn't it amazing?

Five!  There are dinosaur cards.

Let's play a game

with friends or parents

for cards!


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Nosy and his friends entered the Dinosaur World by Rashcar!

Can they go back safely after exploring?

When you point your devices at the book through Hi-Edu XR App,

Nosy and dinosaur appear!

Now, shall we go on an adventure with Nosy and his friends?


The series will be continued!


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