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Start your around

the world trip in vivid Augmented Reality! Let's meet Nosy and his friends!

When you point your devices at the book through Hi-Edu XR App,

Nosy and his friends appear!

Now, shall we go on an adventure with Nosy and his friends?

One! Let's go on a trip with Nosy and his friends!

Let's study this book that has the exciting story of Nosy and his friends!

Two! You can talk to the characters!

A character appears

when you point your device on the AR mark page!

*The characters read the book and talk to you!

Three! Let's learn the culture and characteristics of 7 countries!

* You can learn geography, history and culture of Asian countries

When you go on a trip with Nosy and his friends, you get a lot of information!

Four! Shall we go to the VR together?

" You can visit real places through VR!"

Five! There are national flag cards.

Let's play a game

with friends or parents

with cards!


The series will be continued!


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