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▲ 2 volume What Do You Do?

▲ 1 volume Our Earth Has Seven Continents.

How to study High English XR

Step one : Follow

You can study naturally with Nosycat( a character) that reads the storybooks.

You can study without boring because each book has different subjects and stories you want to learn.

Step two : Conversation

Point your device on AR mark page through Hi-Lang XR app and alive Nosycat appears in front of you. It can read storybooks and talk to you.

Check the AR mark on the page and point your device on it.

Step three : Study Check

You can review what you've learned all pages.

Step Four : Test

It is important to solve the questions for yourself without looking at the correct answer.

You can understand word and sentence structure.


Teacher's Guide Book

It shows how to teach to students easily.

High-Lang XR App Guide Book

It shows how to use High-Lang XR App easily.


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