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​" Realwith is constantly evolving "


- Pinoplay app launched 


-  MOU signed with Yoon's English School


- Selected as " 2021 SW Preliminary High School Growth Club".

-  Submit 'GhostHunter MR for Nreal' MWC

-  MOU signed with AR glass company "Nreal"


-  Selected as a 2020 export frontier company by Gyeonggi Export Business Association​

-  Signed MOU with Yonsei University Psychological Science Research Institute.

-  Entered EBS Lang, Chomokdal

-  2020.03 Entered the KOSME - Youth Entrepreneurship Academy in 2020

-  IBK Industrial Bank of Korea seed investment attraction

-  Attraction of seed investment by Infobank Corp.


-  Selected as 2020 IBK Changgong - Innovation Company

-  Signed export contract with Eklampo Co.,Ltd in Japan for MindColoring

-  “Hi Edu XR” AR/VR/AI total education content was released.

-  patent and 1 PCT applications, 1 trademark registration

-  Signed MOU with Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation in CHINA

-  “MINDCOLORING AR” designated and released as a venture start-up innovation procurement enterprise by the Public Procurement Service.

-  Selected as a promising venture company for SK Telecomm 5G True Innovation!

-  Registration of utility model(multiplayer education system using Augmented Reality)

-  Paten (Number 10 -1998037 Psychological analysis method and Smart device based on Augmented Reality)

-  Color Psychology ”Mind Coloring AR” Lunching (Online Market)

-  Won the 2018 VR/AR Audition commercialization section sponsored by GYEONGGI CONTENT AGENCY

-  Permission for creative department by Korea Creative Content Agency.


-  2019 Realwih Value Pack was released.
-  AR/VR/AI English Education Contents “Hi English XR“ Launching.
-  Selected as an innovative venture company by Public Procurement Service
-  Realwih participated in E-learning Korea and was awarded a prize.
-  Realwith Participated in the start- up league, sponsored by Korea Creative Agency and was awarded a prize.
-  Selected as a business incubator by Gyeonggi Provincial Economic Science Promotion Agency
-  Selected as a viral marketing season 2 by the Creative Economic Innovation Center
-  Selected as the second venture camp in Gibo Venture Camp.
-  Certified as a technology venture company, Establishment of R & D department, three patent applications 
-  Established Realwith Corporation


Realwith  will show more interesting world to people all over the world through our own "Extended Reality (XR) technology."

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