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Realwith Multiplaying solutions


What is RMS Solution

RMS Solution is a platform that allows you to easily extend your current or upcoming services, which may include static content, with desired features and content, effectively turning them into a sandboxed platform. It offers various customization features.

Currently in service or
​Content to be developed
RMS Solution
Through consultation, it is possible
to update technical skills and
contents continuously.
RMS solution provides ongoing updates and a variety of
content development and services based on collected data.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, and if you can't manage it, you can't improve it.


Data Management Page

Real-time server monitoring to enhance stability and offers a management page where you can access various information, including user data and metrics.


Data-driven operations

Through this, data-based operations and services can efficiently increase retention and help increase sales.


Effective retention rate management

RMS solution actively communicates with customers based on data. It can help you focus on user retention rather than use acquisition.

This is “Pinoplay”, created with RMS solution.

Pinoplay was developed in collaboration with Yoon’e’verse , a subsidiary of Yoon’s English School.

RMS Solution remaining rate

Worldwide app retention rate

Based on 6 months of Pinoplay(ad X)

Worldwide app retention rate in 2022(ad O)

7th day retention

30th day retention





RMS Solution Features


1.  Production Efficiency

- Package each function so that they can be quickly added/removed like assembling
- A variety of additional features beyond the default 12 provided
- Creation of additional content and features through one-on-one consultations with dedicated staff.

2. The Detailed Customization

- Dozens of additional features tailored exclusively for the solution.
- A wide range of exclusive additional content for the solution.
- Continuous feature updates and content updates
(*Various additional features to be updated.)

3.  Optimized User Data Provision

- User data collection and the provision of various metrics.
- Providing a management page to view user data information.
- UI/UX solutions that incorporate Realwith's data collection expertise.

4. Data Analysis  and Real-time Monitoring

- Increase user retention and improve sales through data-based operation.
- Utilizing data-based operations and update plans based on collected data.
- Enhancing safety through real-time server monitoring.

5.  Avatar and Parts System

- Addition and production of avatar creation and decoration system.
-Add and create various expressions, actions, poses, etc.
- Addition of various clothing and accessories through detailed parts system.

6. Various External Content Collaborations, ETC

- Content and collaboration production with a structured production system. Etc.
- Addition of various existing IPs and contents.
- Optimization work when collaborating with other IPs.


RMS Portfolio


In service

Developed in collaboration with Yoon’e’verse ,

a subsidiary of Yoon’s English School.


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