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Customers always
complain of "Waiti
ng Time" 

in the department stores, amusement parks, museums, hospitals, events etc because they feel bored.

If you use RARA, you can do your own marketing activities during customers' waiting time.


- in the department stores, amusement parks, museums, hospitals, events etc because they feel bored.


- We have to maintain social distancing because of Covid-19 but we need to queue for waiting their turn.

- Most of people travel with joy but they usually waste of time due to traffic jam, line up, waiting time etc.

Off- line stores and places
where group visits have a lot
of damage after Covid-19.



Being bored to wait order.


Waste of time to lie up most of sightseeing.


The event hall is too big to find the way.


Avoiding the places where is crowded with
people due to Covid-19.


It is hard to line up with children.



Reduced offline sales due to Covid-19


Worry about safety of customers during their waiting order, even though all places are quarantined


Want to do new offline marketing.


Want to make un-famous tourist spots and areas be famous.


Want to provide a differentiated service.


RARA (Realwith Active Reality Area)

  It is a flow of human solution that put XR technology in the objects (frames) without space restriction.

AR character pops out of the RARA app, gives quests to the users. They solve the quests (quiz, mini game etc) as per their choice.

The users arrive at the final destination along the intended route with a non-contact with other users.

Users who complete quests (quiz, mini game etc) can get special rewards ( coupon, point etc).

*Users can enter non- contact without waiting in line with alarm function.



01. Simple installation and progress

If there are objects (frames, objects, etc.) that can be easily installed anywhere in the place, point devices with RARA App to them and AR character pops out of it and gives quests (quiz, mini game etc) to users.

Anyone can easily proceed in a familiar way to solve quests (quizzes, mini-games, etc.)

※ You can utilize existing objects (framework, objects, etc.)


02. For Marketing


Users can move around without space limitations and perform quests through RARA app, maintaining a certain distance between users (non-contact, population density distribution, etc.).
Through this, customer can visit all stores regardless of where stores are located.
It can make customers visit isolated area in the building and expose particular spaces and objects to customers repeatedly, therefore it can give advertisement and image association effect naturally.

배치도 일러스트.png
배치도 일러스트(1).png

Upon completion of the quests after arriving at the final destination, Customers can get various rewards such as coupons, mileage, gifticons, etc. to increase the customer participation rate and help increase sales.

※ Image association effect: The effect of stimulating the desire to purchase by repeatedly exposing objects or places



Most of the tourists (users) are concentrated on specific places such as famous places and restaurants in the area.

The most frequent complaints from famous tourist spots are “Waiting time is too boring!”

Why don’t you use this time for your Marketing?


Through the RARA app, quests are provided to tourists (users), and quests (quizzes, mini-games, etc.) are performed around the tourist area.

Through this, it is possible to induce visits to places that are not easily accessed by tourists.

Upon completion of the quest after arriving at the final destination, tourists get various rewards such as coupons, mileage, etc. to increase visitation rate and help increase sales.

※ Pay coupons at tour spots and restaurants at final destination


03. A differentiated Story

It offers users a new experience with differentiated quests and unique story lines designed for local characteristics such as department stores, amusement parks, museums, venues, and tourist spots.

Quests and games that change every day change the place of the quest depending on the user's choice and always provide a different experience to the user.

Compete and earn rewards by sharing different quests with friends, lovers and family.

Let’s change a simple space into an active space easily to enjoy games with RARA solution.


Let’s provide users new experiences. They can achieve quests alone or together.

After arriving at the final destination, they get rewards to make into consumption.

Bring something new to your space every day with RARA


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