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It helps teachers and students to access

realistic classes (AR, VR, AI) more easily.
You can also connect teachers and students

with a single click quickly, and manage classes easily.

One content supports various modes such as

multi-AR, VR, and AI , you can immerse yourself in class.

(특허출원 10-2018-0004834)


Gamification UX

to use easily

You can connect teachers and students with a single click of a variety of realistic content quickly.
You can share all your experiences, solve the questions and check your score and ranking like games. So it naturally makes you induces a desire for winning and give you high motivation.


Multi-XR (AR/VR, AI) system that can be immersed in content

It is possible to experience many things that we can’t experience easily- such as famous regions in the world, occupations, dinosaurs, evacuation drills, etc. And they can share their experience with others.


Increasing efficiency with various interactions

Realistic learning with XR(AR, VR, AI) system make you get more learning effect.

(It may be about 2.7 times more effective than the general learning method)

* the class being conducted X-MES


Participation classes voluntarily with AI characters.

AR characters pop out of the book.

And you can read a book and talk with them. You will be more interested in books.
In addition, you can do self-directed learning through various mode with AR, VR, 360 view, etc.

Create various contents through “X-MES!

* real-life education

* Food products

* Regional promotion


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