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​Let’s learn English

with Nosycat using XR (AR, VR, AI).

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Analog(read, to write)

​Digital(view, listen+view)

Realistic(speaking, actual behavior)

Realwith can produce

various textbooks

by using XR (AR, VR, AI)

Let’s read storybooks with Nosycat.

Boast your imagination, positive study habits and English skills.

Nosycat reads the storybook.

The character can talk with children.

You can see your children studying and speaking cheerfully.

You can talk to Nosycat.

Hi Lang has 2 sections. One is a personal lesson and the other is a group lesson.

Schools and institutes can use the group lesson.

Students can take the class with teachers very easily.

One benefit is that the teacher can manage the class at a glance.

Teachers can know who is in the class or not.

Teachers can know which student chooses the correct answer or not.

Teachers can check the results after class.

Teachers can add more questions.

Let’s experience the variety of VR, AR and AI.

Let’s learn effectively through a variety of experiences and alternative realities.


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